Friday, December 29, 2006

holiday fun

christmas 06

great time in nj. we spent christmas with just mom, jim, my sister and chris's parents. but on the 26th the whole family came down to exchange gifts and celebrate grandmom's 80th birthday. everyone was in good spirits and it was a lot of fun. i still can't get over how old my nieces are getting!

Friday, December 22, 2006

vacation! oh yea, baby!

the club-wide holiday pot-lucks are over. we've taken all the kids roller skating (which was really fun, i might add). we've relocated our office. i've handed in my reports. had our evaluation. everything is pretty much done. now it's vacation time and i can't be more excited.

the in-laws come in tonight. we'll go out to eat for chris's 30th! birthday. then tomorrow we're off (in the dark, wee hours of the night) to my parents' house. i'm just so excited to not have anything really pressing to do today. pack a little, a few errands, but other than that i'd like to read for as much of the day as i can. vacation is loverly.

Monday, December 18, 2006

4th annual

the gang

our christmas party was this saturday. even though our numbers were drastically down this year (only about 22, as opposed to over double that last year), we still feel it was a successfull evening. the good thing about having so few people is you get to talk to pretty much everybody.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

gimme some fried chicken


i don't know if chris is going to post about this (he's probably already composed one but hasn't gotten around to publishing it), but this past weekend he and i went to our 2nd concert in a month. that's probably doesn't seem like a lot for folks who like music as much as we (well, chris) do. if you read a few weeks ago you heard mention of a concert over thanksgiving. we went to see jimbo mathus at hal and mal's in jackson, ms. see fuzzy's post to see pictures and for good links. then this weekend we went to the new brookland tavern here in good ol' cola town to see southern culture on the skids. as expected, it was a great show. the vocals could've been louder, but we'll forgive them for that (since it wasn't really the scots' fault). i've been listening to their hillbilly-meets-surfer music since i met chris and he introduced me to them. they're really fun and funny, singing about double wides, gold-digging, big hair and a myriad of other "red-necky" things. i loved the bass player, mary; she was was so tough looking yet had really small hands.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

ready for the holidays

chistmas 06

we put our tree up friday night and i spent all day saturday baking cookies. so i guess we're all set. much to my surprise, mokey hasn't really bothered the tree yet. we'll see what happens when we're gone all day at work.

but i think this was a cozy scene with her all curled up next to the tree. she did this all day while i baked. i was jealous.

Friday, December 08, 2006

gift that gives back

this holiday season, give a gift of sustainability and equality. or something like that. click of the heifer box on the right of this page and help me raise money for those in need. or you can go right to my donations page here. read more about heifer international.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


i'm sorry i've not been very diligent in posting lately. i just honestly don't have anything to say. life's been pretty boring lately. busy, but boring. i work a lot and that's about it. doesn't make for much blog reading.

but! we've just booked a weekend vacation over new year's that i'm so psyched about! i'd say i've not taken a vacation in forever but then everyone would say what about africa. but my response would be that that was not really a vacation. but it'd be hard to argue. so i'll just say i've not taken a relaxation-focused vacation in forever. so this is going to be so fun!