Wednesday, November 30, 2005


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Yup, this pretty much sums up most people's Thanksgivings, I think. Eltriptophan-induced sleep. Except that doesn't explain why I pass the heck out after one* of our meals.

In any event, it wasn't all sleeping, I'll have you know. There was plenty of walks on the beach, eating, playing with the kids, eating, early christmas present-opening, and dog shenanigans. Click on the image or here to see the picts of our weekend of fun.

(Thanks Waldies for the good times. Always great to see you and catch up. Thanks mom and jim for the hospitality and food and you know...everything.)

*The dinners were all were so delicious and I ate too much at all of them so i can't remember which meal it was that I passed out, Thanksgiving or another one.

Monday, November 28, 2005

more is less with peace corps

quick update on peace corps just to let you know that we don't know. our regional recruiter called today basically to say that nothing will happen with our application until february of 2006. i am not really sure how that differs from what she originally told us nor do i know what that means in the grand scheme of things. but that's what we now know--february.

in february the folks in washington, dc, will sit down and look at all the couples who have applied. based on our experiences and the projects available the pc people will pick who they think would be a good fit for each project. when i was on the phone with the recruiter she was leading me to believe that this was a setback. but now that i'm thinking more about it i'm realizing that it is right on the path of what we read and heard.

but regardless, in february we will hopefully know at least whether or not we will be moving forward.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

how do veggies spend thanksgiving?

vegetarians often get weird quesions at thanksgiving. it's ok, we're used to it. so to answer the age-old question, what do you DO without meat (because what IS thanksgiving without a dead bird on your dinner table)? check out this website to find out what we do to replace the void in our dinner.

thanks, kaiser for the link:)

Monday, November 21, 2005

test failure

i tried to send myself a blog posting using my email address from work this morning. but, because you do not see the post here you know it failed. oh well. but i know why! i had the wrong address. duh.

in any event, the post was pretty much this.
i'd be crabby because it's a monday, it's rainy and i'm note feeling too hot. but it's a 2 day work week (now with 1 day down), our heat (finally!) kicked on last night, and i went to bed at 9:30. so i actually don't feel so bad today!

Friday, November 18, 2005

peace corps interview

that was a painless interview. i was wrong though, our recruiter didn't forget about us. but, like last time, she called and asked for 15 more minutes to look over our file. in any event, we still really don't know anything. she's as vague as you'd expect from the government. so she told us *again* that it's a "different process for couples" "i have to speak my coordinator and see what to do next" "you have to be flexible" "there's a different process for couples" "it may take a little longer" "there's a different process for couples".

sooooo, if you ask what we've heard from peace corps we'll say....

you guessed it folks, "it may take a little longer, it's a different process for couples."

ttickets in hand. ready to go

for harry potter of course. not for the carolina clemson game that i keep hearing about even though i couldn't care less. though i guess i should care if it's in columbia or not b/c the traffic is always a pain (anyone in cola can you fill me in on that?).

back to HP. about 100 pages to read before 6:00 tonight. i've been trying to breeze through the book again in time for the movie. that's why i've been mia on the posting this week. sorry folks.

and we should be getting a call any second now from our peace corps recruiter to do our couples interview. she's 4 1/2 minutes late already. wouldn't be surprised if she forgot about it. more on that later.

Monday, November 14, 2005

el negativo

today was just one of those days where everything was either totally negative or misunderstood as wrong. i spent a large part of my day writing a negative recommendation, if that makes sense. i had to write a document about how this guy stinks at his job and is not holding up his end of the bargain. what a waste of energy! and then the rest of the day i was defending myself for something that i was instructed to do. mondays, bah!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


i know i spelled "hardqore" wrong in my previous post. if you really want to know, it's an insider reference about a friend who was so HQ he ate one egg for every day of month for a whole month (as in 1 egg on the 1st, 2 eggs on the get it).

Friday, November 11, 2005

paint the world in technology

ok, so i was supposed to get off work at noon today. but there was a little painting project going on at one of my schools and i just couldn't resist joining in. this particular school is under construction resulting in part of our campus being cordoned off by particle board barriers. the 2 magnificent art teachers decided to paint murals along the walls of the construction to prevent students from tagging them with their own artwork. various teachers and volunteers were painting all day today but there is just so much to do that they really weren't making any headway. and it was a beautiful day in sunny south carolina, so instead of leaving at noon i decided to stay and help.

while painting i was engaged in conversation with one of my coworkers and she was talking about her husband who works in 4 richland two high schools as a german teacher. he uses distance education to teach his classes. the classrooms are all hooked up with computer systems that are networked to a distant location and then the teacher teaches the students through a system of video conferencing. now i know this is nothing relatively new, they did it in college. but i just thought it was so amazing that they're doing this on the high school level. and i started thinking, why don't people do this in developing countries to help rural schools get teachers?

now let me say that i know someone must be doing this already. and i'm sure it's not as simple as i'm making it. but "they" say that technology is what is going to bring the 3rd world out of poverty.

so i'm just saying...i'm going to look into this...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

hardqore fightin'

tonight i got a butty-kicking by my husband. no! not a real butty-kicking. in mortal combat shaolin monks on the XBOX. erica and fuzzy sent it to us for free (thanks guys!) about a month ago because their now ex-roommate is the producer. but until tonight we've not even had time to unwrap it. but this evening i was able to distract chris for a few minutes to kick my butt. but then after about 15 minutes i got bored (typical me) and left chris in there for another 1/2 hour while he played alone (typical him). so now i can hear the sounds of butt-kicking coming from the back but i don't know whose butt is being kicked this time.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

i'm rerun

if you had asked me to name all the peanuts characters (like the ladies did last night during outburst) i wouldn't have thought of rerun. which makes sense considering this character type is-what is it?- "often overlooked by people." i don't know if i'm always rerun, but lately i've been a little down in the dumps so i'll say it's true right now.

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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Saturday, November 05, 2005

my part?

in the wake (pardon the pun) of the newest disaster, i've been utterly horrified at how helpless i've felt to do anything. every day i've heard the numbers of the dead rise and rise and rise, now reaching upwards of 73,000 and knowing the numbers will get bigger as the himalayan winter approaches.

so thanks to a recent dog walking job (and thanks mag for passing it on to me) i've been able to send a little money. i know they say that if everyone gave a few bucks the people in need would be able to get shelter and escape some of the most harshest circumstances. but i can't help but wish i could do more. but for now i suppose this'll have to do.

Friday, November 04, 2005

it represents my personality

"it" meaning hot tomales, of course. that's what a 6th grader said to my coworker, ami, yesterday when she commented on how much he liked hot tomales. it was one of the wittiest lines i'd heard in a while. it just hit my funny bone because here's this awkward little white boy and he says hot tomales represent his personality! hilarious!

all this happened at a middle school dance, mind you. i made a booth with a guessing game and candy as a prize. it was actually more fun than i was expecting. i hadn't been to a middle school dance since...well, i was in middle school. and i was not particularly fond of them at that time. but i found it mildly amusing to be at the dance, of course compounded with feelings of compassion for the kids who were there because you know there's always drama at a middle school dance. heck, what am i saying? everything's drama in middle school period. but anyways, yea, good times. and hot tomales apparently are the new craze.