Wednesday, February 28, 2007

still going after all these years

yesterday was my 2 year anniversary. i can't believe i've had something to say for 2 years + one day. ask my husband, i usually don't talk this much.

***update. i guess this message was kind of cryptic. that's what i get for trying to type it out before work this morning. but when i got a "happy wedding anniversary" phone call today i realized that perhaps i should've been more clear here. it's my 2 year BLOG anniversary. sorry for the confusion. happy blogging.***

Monday, February 26, 2007

good and bad

for those of you who know us well, you may know that chris and i have not had television since 2002 when we moved to nj. to be clear, we've had a TV, but have not had cable nor any reception. and we do not particularly care to have it so we never bought rabbit ears or anything. we keep the tv unplugged until we want to watch a movie and then roll it over to the couch.

so anyways, last night chris was going to the laundromat and i decided to go too so i could watch the oscars. (i know, i know. it's not really like me to want to watch the oscars. but i found myself wanting to see it this year). we got 1/2 way through the show by the time our landry was done.i wanted to watch the rest so i decided to try and see if we could get some reception at home. for the first time since moving to our apartment this past may, i plugged the cable outlet into the tv. and what do ya know? we've got tv. a lot of tv. apparently we have some sort of free tv cable service (whether intentionally free or not, i do not know) along with our cable internet.

i still really don't want to watch tv. and we still plan to leave the television unplugged. but now i guess we can't say we don't have tv. we'll have to say something along the lines of "we choose not to watch it," which i guess is more accurate anyway.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

does this look funny to you?

our home mac computer recently died and for the past few weeks chris and i have been using this pc laptop. i realized that on this laptop my blog's appearance is not quite right. the toolbar and profile and links that are supposed to be immediately to the right of my last post are all the way down to the bottom of the page. is it like that for anyone else? and for those bloggers out there, does anyone know how to fix this?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


sick ones

this has pretty much been me and chris for the past several weeks. i came down with a bug last sunday night and am still trying to get my voice back. now i've passed it along to the hubs and he's been down for the count for the past few days. hopefully we'll be up and running again soon. i can't believe i'm saying this, but we kind of miss the real world.

mom's birthday surprise

mom's surprise

today is my mom's 60th birthday for realz. but we all got together this weekend in cape may for a surprise birthday party. my siblings, ben and rachel, and my step dad, jim, and i have all been planning this for a few months now. and i think it was a pretty good success. here's the blog about the event. (it's been weird having another blog and not being able to mention it here. i felt almost like i was having an affair. so it's good to get it all out in the open now.)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

effing pia

i feel like doo and we leave for nj (the coldest state on the planet*) tomorrow and now blogger has made me change my profile over to google. it's supposed to make my life easier, they said. bull doo! it's turned into a royal pia. thanks, blogger.

*it really is the coldest state on the planet. no need for any fancy links. just trust me.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

sexy valentine's day plans

i've been sick for the past 4 days so i'll just get it out of the way and say straight out that i have no sexy valentine's plans, not that we usually do anything for valentine's anyway. but i guess this time i have an excuse?

started to feel sick on sunday night with fever, shivers and sweats. took monday off to recuperate. went to work on tuesday and ended up worse for it. tuesday night i slept a total of probably 2 hours. tried to sleep. couldn't. got up and read in the living room. tried to sleep. couldn't. woke chris up with my restlessness and coughing. read until 5:00 AM and then slept until the alarm woke us up. had to get up because we needed to go and get the car from the shop. so i stayed home today and did battle over the phone with doctors to get a few prescriptions.

so now i'm feeling better enough to be bored and want my husband to come home before i start to feel sick again. i guess this means i'll probably be at work tomorrow. that's fine, though, because that would make it a 2 day work-week because i took friday off to go home. yipee!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

a counting

yesterday i did our taxes. it's the second or third year that i've done them. this time i'm really proud because i think there are no mistakes. of course, i thought that last year and they were sent back like 2 times. but this time, i'm even more certain. it brings some kind of arcane satisfaction to know that i can do our taxes. it's like i've mastered one part of my life where you usually have to hire an expert.

tomorrow i have to bring our car into the shop because it broke down on my way home from work yesterday. perhaps my next realm of self-sufficiency should be car mechanics.

Friday, February 09, 2007

david update

chris's dad had another CT scan yesterday. tricia, sums up the latest at her blog.

the short of it for those who don't want to follow the link: disappointing but not discouraging. he'll go on a new round of cemo on monday.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

all gussied up

i had a work function i had to attend last night, a gala held at the columbia metropolitan convention center (located directly next to the colonial center which was simultaneously having a monster truck rally). chris was kind enough to join me at the gala, 'cause he's sweet like that. so got all fancy, me in a gown and and chris in a suit. our camera was out of batteries, though, so we don't have a picture of us. but trust me, we looked goooood.