Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 unrelated thoughts

1) why can i not make pudding? i've tried numerous times over many years and always end up with soup. tonight i have a very tasty chocolate soup.

2) friday night i was at the mall to get my hair cut. as i was walking through the parking lot i was walking behind a boy who was probably about 10 years old. he had no shoes on. i guess "no shirt, no shoes, no service" isn't a policy in south carolina? or maybe it just depends on if i was entering in the lexington county or richland county side of the mall.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

ny, again!

i've been absent from the blogosphere for the past 2 weeks because i was out of town again. i was in a wedding in good ol' teaneck, nj over labor day weekend. i was honored to be able to stand for* one of my closest friends, anthony. it was pretty cool how they did the wedding- they had 2 women on his side and 1 man on her side.

the wedding party
here's the bridal party. standing next to me is another great friend from nyu, maria. i'd not seen her in over 4 years. you may guess that anthony is one of three sons in his family. his twin brother was his best man and his younger brother was also an attendant.

blowing bubbles at the married couple
the married couple exiting the church

it was great to catch up with many of my nyu crew at the rehearsal and dinner on friday, and at the wedding on saturday.

maria and anthony
maria and anthony at rehearsal dinner (where the food was so delicious!)

the rehearsal dinner
around the table at the rehearsal dinner: me, my sister rachel (who did a fantastic job with the 2nd reading), heather (the bride), anthony, maria, paul, and dierdre.

melissa and ann
melissa and baby ann at the wedding reception

it was awesome to meet maria's kids.

in addition to the wedding festivities, we got a few bonus visits with friends. the first visit was with andy, erica and ariel. we met them for lunch at a cool cafe in williamsburg, which was even cooler because i used to live in w'burg. it was strange to see how much has changed in the 9 years (!) since i lived there.

me, baldman, andy, ariel and erica at bliss in williamsburg

andy had to take off to pick up his cab (yes, in addition to being a musician, he's also a cabbie) but we got to go thrift store shopping with erica and ariel which was a blast. we'd not seen ariel in 7 years so it was totally cool to see what a smart, funny, confident young woman she is turning into. there were 2 guys sitting in folding chairs on the sidewalk outside the restaurant we ate lunch at. they had signs that said "free advice" and ariel cracked all of us up when she walked straight up to them and asked advice on how she could get one of her arms to be more muscular than the other arm. they told her "life weights every day just on that one arm."

ariel asking for advice from random guys on the street in williamsburg

the last bonus visit that we had was with emily and her hubs, kevin. we met up for church at the new catholic center at nyu. the center we used to attend was torn down and now st. joseph's is the parish for the students in the village, so it wasn't too nostalgic for me going there. but when the president of the newman club got up at the end of mass and started talking about the thursday night activities they were planning and the fall emmaus retreat, i lost it. newman club was such a special and important part of my life for 4 years. and we brought emmaus retreats to the newman club. so it was really emotional to see that some small part of the legacy lives on. i would've talked to the president girl after mass, but i know she would've been like "who's this blubbering old lady." so i skipped it.

after mass we met up with melissa, tim, baby ann and my sis for dinner at cafe asean for dinner and dessert at rocco's. so good!

outside the tasty cafe asean

i have to give a big shout out to my sis for putting me and baldman up for the weekend. it was great to just hang out with her in a low-key and fun way! and thanks for taking care of us and supplying us with yummy food all weekend!

rachel brough provisions!

*when we arrived at the church on friday for the rehearsal the photographer asked me if i was "standing for the groom." i had no idea what she was asking.