Monday, June 27, 2005

bean town

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i was going to post a picture from the michael feldman show that i saw in trenton on saturday, but i couldn't get the photo to upload. so i'll skip posting about the show (which was fabulous!) and post about where i am now.

i'm in boston! got here at about 5:30 tonight and hung out with my friend theresa's husband until she got back from the lab (she's a phd student in neuroscience at mit! smart!). so anyways, i'm hanging out w/ her and some other friends in the boston area until wednesday. fun stuff.

i'm tired. goodnight.

Friday, June 24, 2005


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so the whatd'ya know? michaelpalooza visit to my mother's house was a smashing success, in my humble opinion.

after months of planning on my parents' parts, about 15 folks from the npr radio show pulled into our driveway (well, into our street b/c the bus was WAY big) at about 1:15 yesterday afternoon. here is a picture of me talking with michael feldman, the host of the show (that's my mom's friend, sharon, next to me talking with jeff hammond, the show's bassist). michael, i guess, is the "biggest star" of the group for most people. but i ended up talking with the other folks more. not that michael wasn't nice, because he totally was. the whole crew was super nice and down to earth. i'll have more pictures posted at a later date, probably after i return from my trip in another week and a half. but i thought that inquiring minds might've wanted to know, so i posted this.

tomorrow is the radio broadcast from the war memorial in trenton, nj. so check out your local listings for times of the broadcast in your area, because i would imagine that they'll talk to us on air or at least mention the visit. also, check out their website for pictures, a blog about the road tour and live video from micheal. he took A LOT of video so i hope there will be some cool shots!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

NY yaa!

so i'm in ny. arrived last night after a straight shot 1 1/2 hour flight. good deal; i'll never do connections again. but i sat next to the bathroom, so the whole flight was tainted with stank, who's essence tainted me for the rest of the night.

met up with a few friends for dinner. despite the good review by city search of el rey del sol, the dinner was a complete disaster. the server was a total idiot and ignored us the whole time and it took over an hour for us to get our food. i got the "vegitarian tomale plate." the first tomale was good but a bit cold. but the second tomale had some strange contraption of stretchy non-vegitable-like substance. i had no idea what it was but it looked like a sinewy piece of meat. so i brought it to the attention of the server who was not our server but took over our table in order for us to get our food (ever). he took my tomale with his hand (no plate) into the kitchen where the sinewy substance was declaired "cheese." because he carried it with his hand i didn't get the tomale back, but still paid $10 for the plate.

the company was great though! and the restaurant played good music.
and i'm still in ny!! wooohooo!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

yeee dawgies!

yeee dawgies!
yeee dawgies!,
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or should say yeee horsies?

the horse is rio and he's paula's. she and sean so graciously invited us to ride him, aka "sit on him while he walks," this morning.

all 4 of us took turns on this magnificent, albeit slow, steed and a fun time was had by all. perhaps with the exception of rio, who wanted to eat grass, not walk and pretend he was being ridden by either A) a cowboy or B) a rider of rohan (in both cases, that'd be chris).

Friday, June 17, 2005

the end

today was my last day helping at bantu hell--- i mean camp.

no really, i actually am going to miss the buggers. 2 kids grabbed my arm as they were loading the bus, wanting me to go home with them. i found myself responding, "no. i'd love to. but no. i cannot go home with you."

"i'd love to????" what's up with that?? but the truth is, i would love to have something to do with them again in the future. but no more bantu camp! i am done with that, thank God!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

SummerSPLASH day 3

day 3: no tears! today was actually a fairly good one. we had a long fieldtrip to the park. so the kids spent most of the day outside and doing unstructured activity. it was a nice break for them and for me! 2 days to go and eventhough the kids are rugrats and driving me crazy, i have started to really like them on an individual basis and will wish to have some sort of interaction with them after camp is over. oh and, bonus. i've started to develop a relationship with the 3 adults (a mom and 2 grandmoms) who help with the camp. they have been teaching me may-maay (their language) which we all really enjoy because it allows for some sort of exchange and communication.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

bantu rugrats

day 2 of me working with SummerSPLASH, the summer program for the children of the somali bantu refugees relocated in columbia. i don't really know what to say except i honestly don't know if i have the ability to make it 3 more days. seriously, dude, day 2 ended with me on the couch in tears. i hate to write such negative things but it's the most understaffed, disorganized camp i've ever been associated with, and that's saying a lot b/c i've done a lot of camps and they're always chaotic and understaffed. so i'll just leave it at that.

somethings positive...the kids are totally gorgeous and beautiful. and they have a thirst for learning. in fact the only time they behave is when they're playing soccer, watching a movie, or doing schoolwork. i'm not kidding. try to play an organized game, utter chaos. do an art activity, mayhem. give them a pen and paper and once they trade pencils a million times to ensure they've gotten the best one, they're golden. and one final positive, i'm only doing this a week. so 3 more days to go. keep me in your prayers. (i'm not kidding. i (and all the staff) need it!)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

baby brown

the miracle of life! gosh! maria is my first close friend from college to have a baby. check it out. dara eliana brown was born yesterday and she's perfect. it's amazing!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

i love ny

i'm so excited for my friend paula. it's her first trip to ny! how fun! which reminds me that less than 2 weeks until my trip to ny! woohooo!

so now my vacation has evolved into a cleaning spree with lots of moving of furniture, re-moving of furniture and scrubbing of floors (on my knees!). i think i'm done, though, and everything looks pretty much the same as it did a few days ago. oh well, at least i found lots of dirt and pollen under the things that i moved and re-moved. that's satisfying to know that we're dust and pollen-free....for now.

tomorrow is a trip to atlanta to visit an aunt and my grandmom. saturday, work at the farm. and next week i'll be volunteering with a summer camp for the bantu refugees in columbia. i'm sure i'll have lots to write about that because it's going to be CRAZY.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


as of 3:30 PM this afternoon i am officially on vacation! so far on vacation i gorged myself on mexican food and passed out on the couch. success!