Monday, March 31, 2008

weekend "away"

why is it we forget our camera at times when it would be really great to have them?

this weekend chris and i went to the atl for what we hoped to be a little get-away. we were able to secure a ridiculously cheap deal at a a fancy hotel but didn't really get to enjoy it. we got into town later than anticipated and had some family business to take care of. so we pretty much just dropped our things off, met up with my cousin and his new fiance for a quick bite to eat and then made it to the variety playhouse just in time to catch the last 30 seconds of mike doughty's band (or should i say piad) playing the sort-of fake opening set for their concert. we did get to see the "real" opening act, the panderers, and mike doughty and his band, including our friend and the bass player, andy. we also got to hook up with everyone afterwards. hung out with andy for a bit backstage and then went to grab a bite to eat with andy, mike, and chuck (the road manager?). (by the way, the restaurant we ate at, r thomas was awesome! i wished i was more hungry because i wanted almost everything on the menu.) but this is where the not-having-a-camera-thing comes in. sure would've been nice to have some pictures of us all hanging out. but we do have memories, and i guess that's more important. plus, i can always borrow pictures from other people, like this one i pulled from mike's blog.

mike doughty's band
picture i pulled from mike's blog of mike doughty and his band

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

He is Risen

Happy Easter, everybody! I've been silent on the blog this week for holy week. hope it was a blessed one for everyone.

we had a great easter weekend. friends from out of town came back into town for a little visit. we spent saturday eating good food, hanging out on our porch, dying eggs, and having a hunt. here are some pictures.





for the past few weeks i have been working hard to get our yard in order. the owner before us apparently dumped truckloads of pine straw all over the yard. in addition to it being too much pine straw, it had just sat there accumulating leaves and debris. it was a mess! so anyways, i've spent a lot of time raking the front yard and cleaning everything up. now instead of a pine straw yard, we have a completely dirt yard. but i honestly think that looks a million times better. besides, we're hoping we can get something to grow where the pine straw as. this picture doesn't really show the yard, but you can see the azaleas in bloom.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

girl-full weekend and other rambling

i am late on a bunch of blog posts. so i'm doing them all in one right here.

birthdays: happy birthday on wednesday of last week to lindsay. happy birthday on friday of last week to melissa. this is the time of year for some fantastic birthdays!

question: how do you know it's spring? is it a) flowers are blooming, b) the time change last week, c) pollen in the air, or d) waldie has poison ivy.

answer: the one tried and true way to know that sping is in the air is for me to have poison ivy. all the other ways work too, but this way seems to happen more regularly than any other method i've found thus far. where is my pi?, you may want to know. on my face, of course. how lovely.

this weekend: i had a very women-friendly weekend. on friday i attended a fantastic ladies-only dinner party. that was a hoot, i'll tell ya! great food, great drinks, great company and great music.

then, on saturday chris and i headed up to greenville for this one's baby shower.

cheryl at her baby shower

again, great food, great friends, great games, and a good time.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

cutie and cutie

i just think this picture is so sweet.

that's my hubs and my niece, if you didn't already know.


the LAST episode of project runway arrived in the mail yesterday (thanks one last time, f & e!). the thing is, i gave up tv on the weekdays. so it'll just sit on our dining room table taunting me until this weekend when i allow myself to watch it. yikes! who's it going to be?? (please don't tell me, i like the suspense/surprise!)

Monday, March 10, 2008

spring break

the only reason i wish i were still in school is so that i could have a spring break. i don't want the homework though. so i guess it's a toss-up.

i sort of vicariously get a spring break because chris is on a quasi-spring break*, so i get to have my husband back at least a little bit this week. woohoo!

this weekend we had a weekend full of fun! we shopped around for inexpensive bookshelves, cleaned out and organized our back room, and then raked our front yard. boy, we're adults huh? that this is our idea of fun! we really just enjoyed each other's company, which was grrrrrrreat!

the kids had fun too!

doozer's new toy!
(notice mokey skulking in the background, wishing that she weren't so fat so she could fit in the new toy too!)

*chris's spring break is only "quasi" because he's still doing his ga and internship, just no classes.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

new curls

i finally went for it and cut most of my curls off. it was about this time 7 years ago that i did the same thing. that just so happens to be right at the beginning of when i started dating my husband. so maybe there's some sort of significance there, i don't know. but what i do know was i was ready for a change. so here it is:

my new look

other things of note: i drove all the way out to here (1 hr 15 minutes drive) for 45 minutes of the worst presentation i've ever given at a conference which was so disorganized; then i got back in the car for another drive home. yea, that was a waste of a beautiful saturday. though, i have to say, the campus is pretty, the drive was nice and i got to listen to some good radio programs. and when i got home i decided to salvage what was left of the day and do some yard work. so it turned out okay.