Tuesday, January 30, 2007


we have 2 friends (well, 4 friends if you count their husbands) who both had babies in the past few weeks.

angela and ger had a healthy baby girl, piper mclene, yesterday. she wasn't due for another three weeks. but she came early, much to the surprise of her parents, i'm sure, because we were talking with them on sunday and angela didn't even look big!

chris and carrie had baby jonah edward on the 18th. he was pretty much right on schedule and, as i'm sure carrie was sick of hearing, she was VERY big.

so congrats to parents and their families!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

laundry services

my husband is out doing our laundry. that's right, our laundry. i was always one to keep our cloths-washing-duties seperate. but he recently offered to start doing my laundry and, probably much to his surprise, i accepted. i guess it kind of evens out our house duties. and i hate going to the laundry mat to wash cloths! so here's to having a new home delivered laundry service!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

brings a smile to your day

i was away in myrtle beach this weekend for a work conference. it wasn't too bad. i think it was good for my staff to get some training in and it boosted morale a bit, so it was worth it.

bad timing, though, because fuzzy and erica were in charleston for a comedy festival. so i missed their much-acclaimed don't spit the water performances. we did get to hang out a bit on sunday in columbia, though. so that was fun. wish it could've been longer, but erica had to get back for her dance competition in impress these apes. you should check out all the contestants becuase they're all great! and erica is now in the lead. go girl!

Monday, January 15, 2007

a weekend of eating in review

this was a great long weekend. seems like chris and i spent most of our time eating out. and you know i love eating, so it was all good.


on friday night we went to the olive garden. we usually only go there like once a year when we have gift cards because 1) it's all the way on the other side of town and 2) it seems like there are a whole bunch of really good local restaurants right in our neighborhood. last year i remember thinking that the food really wasn't worth the long wait for a table. this time we again waited what seemed like an astronomical amount of time (okay, it really was just over 45 minutes) but the meal was surprisingly good and fairly reasonably priced. the bruschetta was awesome! i had an adequate glass of wine to complement the portobello mushroom ravioli which was delish! chris had 4 cheese ravioli and though i didn't taste it he said it was quite good.

we spent most of sunday in the mall. we shopped right up until dinner time so we ended up going out to dinner again. plus, we figured we hadn't spent any of our money on friday night's dinner, so we could afford another night of eating out. this time we went for mexican along our route home. veggie fajitas for me and bean burrittos/cheese quesadillas for chris. however, the pleasant meal was marked part way through by the unmistakable sound of the locking and unlocking of a revolver. that would be the high school student behind the check out counter playing with apparently what was the restaurant's (hopefully) unloaded gun. it was really strange, not so much that he was playing with a gun while the rest of us went along with eating our meal. it was more the ease with which he played with the gun that really struck me.

today the weather was spectacular in columbia so chris and i took a long walk along the riverwalk. and then we rewarded ourselves with a little rosewood dairy bar. i had a strawberry milkshake and chris had their famous (to us) apple turnover, which we got to enjoy while sitting outside.

tonight we met up for a yacs event to brainstorm ideas for meetings in 2007. we also partook in mellow mushroom pizza (kosmic karma and veggie) which is always delicious, as was the company.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

we're composting!

compost bin

this morning, with the help of my wonderful husband, i was able to finally construct a little enclosure for a compost bin. i've wanted to compost for a long time but didn't really think our landlords would be too happy with that. then i just decided to go for it! why wouldn't a landlord be happy to have enriched soil and less junk in the landfill? horay for composting!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

thanks, friends.

i just wanted to take a moment to thank all those who donated this holiday season to my fundraising goal for heifer international. (see the toolbar to the right of this page for more information.) i've been reading a lot of really interesting books this holiday season which has inspired me to do something a little more meaningful by send my holiday money to charities. i wanted to spread the word as well and see if anyone else would be interested in joining me. so thanks to all who joined in my cause and donated money. it means so much to me to have such supportive friends and family, folks who care about the world as much as i do. you guys are the best!

as of today we have made 79%* of my goal so i am going to leave the toolbar up in hopes that we can make it to 100% or over throughout the coarse of the year.

*i actually should have a higher percentage, but i donated to heifer in the name of family members and had to do it without it going toward my goal. oh well, the cause is the same.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

bringing in the new year with a bang

or a crack/pop, really.

cooking oops

this was the result of my first attempt to cook in the new year. this casserole totally exploded when i (gently) placed it on the table. maybe it's an omen that i should stay away from the stove this year. or maybe it just means i should pay more attention when cooking so i don't put a dish down on a burner that is accidentally turned on. oh well. there went a perfectly good meal and one of my favorite dishes.

cooking (or trying to cook) was not really how we rang in the new year. chris and i went with sean and cheryl to tybee island, ga.

tybee moons

we rented this little place and spent 2 1/2 days, exploring, eating and having a good time. our hosts, paul and annie (and their dog, sandie) were very hospitable. they took us on a boat ride to daufuskie island, a small island off the coast of hilton head, sc (but very accessible by boat from tybee). daufuskie's only access is via boat and it has about 150 year round residents. it also was the setting for pat conroy's novel, the water is wide, which is based loosely on his experiences teaching here during a vista year. in any event, we had a great time visiting tybee, daufuskie, and savannah.

also, i feel remiss if i do not wish a belated happy birthday to my husband.

birthday boy, 06

even though i am posting this late, we did indeed celebrate his birthday on the actual day of his birth, december 22nd. we went out to eat with chris's parents and his 2 somali friends, which was really a great time. the celebrations continued the next day when we had a joint celebration for chris and bo, my step dad. that's when the above picture was taken. from the looks of it you really coudn't tell these guys are supposed to be adults! click here to see all the photos from cape may.