Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Back in the US Again

It's hard to believe that a month ago Chris and I were in Mwanza still working and hanging out with friends. So much has happened in the last month, from transitioning out of Maryknoll Lay Missioners in NY, to visiting with family in NJ and PA, getting our stuff out of storage at my grandparents' house, and then finally moving back into our house in SC. Here's a quick visual tour of our time:

Maryknoll Society House in Ossining, NY
Saying goodbye to the "big house" in Ossining, NY. This place is beautiful but it was SO COLD for our African-adjusted bodies!

We'd been telling people "We have nothing!" Where'd all this crap come from
When you combine the furniture we got from family and all the crap we didn't know we kept in storage, we totally filled this 10' truck. What happened to living minimally!?

Back in SC!
Exciting moment of crossing the border from NC to SC. We're baAAAAck!

Our little house still stands
First stop (after getting a rental car) - our house! It's in great shape after 4 years of renters!

Taking some time out in Sesquicentenial Park
In between shopping at thrift stores we took a moment to recognize and remember South Carolina's beauty at Sesquicentennial Park.

The big man all ready for his first day of work.
After less than 3 days in South Carolina, the big guy starts work. He cleans up well doesn't he!?

First meal in the old/new house - Indian food boil-in-a-bag
First meal in the house -local muscadine cider and Indian food boil-in-a-bag. God bless America!

Our bedroom getting set up

Dining room/kitchen getting set up
The house is slowly coming together.

We bought a car!

Chris's pikipiki to get to work
New modes of transportation.

First milkshake at Rosewood Dairy
Remembering our old haunts.

So far the transition has been smooth sailing, thanks to the support and help of family and friends. My mind is still boggled at the fact that we are here for good and I'm not going to have to pack everything back up again. And I still feel weird about things like drinking water from the tap, not having to worry that my purse is going to be stolen from the front seat of the car, or plugging my electronics into the socket without a volt guard or adapter. But these are obviously the little things. The big things will come later, I'm sure, when I'm not so distracted with getting settled.

Thanks again and big ups to everyone far and wide for giving so freely of your support, your free time, your prayers, your extra furniture, kitchen utensils, and everything else. We're so happy to be back amongst such wonderful people.