Wednesday, July 27, 2005

sad news on the job front

well folks, i didn't get the job. found out today. i was told that they hired someone who had a "skill set that was better than" mine, whatever that means. it is suspected that they hired someone with a phd. how could i compete with that? more importantly, why would someone with a phd interview for a job at that level!? i mean, it would've been a step up for me, but it's defenitely a step down for someone with that level of education. i truly feel that that's an indication of our current economic state of affairs. we have so many overly educated people with not enough jobs, especially in the social service industry, and we're all just struggling for a job, let alone a job that we're educated and qualified (or overqualifiied) for. so anyways, that's all i can say on that. i'm disappointed but as they say, whenever God closes one door, he opens a window.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


still haven't heard about the job. they told me on friday that they'd like to have a decision about it by "next monday." i should have asked for more specifics because that could mean the monday that just past yesterday or the monday that has not yet come. so now i'm just waiting. not so patiently i may add.

as for the bronchitis: i went to the DR (a different DR) yesterday and he said he didn't think it was bronchitis. he used some fancy word for post-nasal drip because of allergies to something and gave me 2 more prescriptions. "take these and call me in 2-3 weeks if it doesn't get any better." gee thanks! science is just a guessing game anyway. he doesn't really know what's wrong with me. they just want to fill me up with chemicals and crap and hope something hits the right button to make it go away. well i'll let you know in 2-3 weeks if science works out in my favor this time.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

between home and hogwarts

i've been at home resting my bronchitis for most of the past 2 days. went in for the morning on both thursday and friday but each day my supervisor's talked me into taking the rest of the day off. i didn't really look forward to sitting home for a bunch of days by myself. but harry, hermione, and ron have kept me due company, not to mention my real-life friends who are sweet enough (or weird enough) to want to hang out with a coughing whiner (or wiener, whatever).

i did go to my interview on friday. i thought i did as well as i could have done. i don't know who i'm up against but if i don't get it, then there's nothing i could have done to get it, if that makes sense.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

careful moves

as it turns out i have bronchitis. or so the doctor at doctor's care assessed after seeing me for all of 3 1/2 minutes. $50 for 3 1/2 minutes and 10 shiny white horse-tablets. i guess that's a fair trade-off. i was trying to wait to see my regular doctor for $15, but couldn't wait until monday. 5 nights of pontentially good sleep is well worth the extra $35, i think. that is, if it is indeed bronchitis and the horse-pills work.

oh, and, i have an interview friday. i'm not nervous about the interview itself, but rather about telling my supervisor that i've applied for this job. it's a good thing to do and in all cases the most advantagous politically, being that i would still share offices with my potentially former bosses if i do get the new job. but i'm not looking forward to their reactions. keep your fingers crossed for me. yikes!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


this is the first time i'm blogging while at work. ooooh, what a rebel. it's just been "one of those days," starting with the internet going down from about 10:30 till 2:30 when i finally said, screw this crap and came to the main office. i came here to be productive, really. but no one is here so i'm basically just killing time so i can clock in the required 7.5 hours/day. what a pain. sorry i'm being so negative. just venting.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

nice people are nice

it was pouring rain when i went to drop my movie in the drive-thu drop off at our library. eventhough it's a drive-thru, you still have to get out of your car to put your item in the box. i was waiting for the little old woman in front of me to deposit her items and drive away before i got out so i wouldn't have to stand in the rain. she got out of her car, deposited her items, walked around her car and approached my window, where she offered to put my movie in the slot since she was already out of her car and wet. it was such a generous offer i couldn't refuse. how nice is that?!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

pride and prejudice

dude! the pride and prejudice mini-series by A&E is awsome! how did i not know about this before? i have never read the book (i will now) but, i blushingly admit, i am a fan of those sappy-type period dramas. i think, though, that even if you're not a fan of those type of stories this is a great movie! an epic 5+ hours long, plan your whole day to watch it straight through! (p.s. colin firth is easy on the eyes.)

Friday, July 08, 2005

home alone

so i'm back at home in columbia. it's very good to be home again, though after 2 days i've still not unpacked my bags. chris is at his parents' for the next 3 weeks, so i find myself very much home alone.

it's odd to be "on my own again," even if it is only temporary. having him away for a day or 2 or even a week does not bother me, but i find 3 weeks alone to be very daunting. so i'm taking it day by day so as not to get too sad.

and to help me get through my days i’ve borrowed 10 movies from the library (and have already watched 1). and i’m lining up projects and plans to keep myself occupied as much as possible. the big test, will i go back to the gym? if i go back to the gym you know i’m really lonely! we shall see.

Monday, July 04, 2005

new links

so you may have noticed that i've added two new links to the right of my site. one is to robin's blog, she's a friend from americorps, who i was fortunate enough to see for one night in boston. i hadn't "seen" her since my wedding 2 years ago (i use quotes because i saw her but didn't really talk to her since i was doing the whole getting married thing). the other link is for a college friend, theresa, who i also saw in boston and she and her husband, zoltan, so kindly put me up for a few days (right on the brink of theresa's big trip to japan for some smarty pants neuroscience conference.

Friday, July 01, 2005

i'm a tv junkie!

i'm back in ny after my trip to boston and new hampshire. i visited a friend in nh who 21 days ago delivered her first baby. i'll post pictures of the beautify baby dara brown when i get back to mom's house and have the ability to download.

but in the meantime, i'm hanging out at a friend's apartment in "the city." i'm so tired from visiting people and go, go, going that i can't stop watching tv. i think i'm a tv junkie in the making! yesterday i easily readopted my old addiction to the food network and today i've discovered the discovery channel. i watched a show on sharks because chris isn't around and now i'm watching the designer guys, or something like that.

i'll probably go through withdrawl again when i go home where there's no tv. but that's okay because my addiction is better off curtailed. otherwise i'd get nothing done.