Thursday, June 28, 2007

green tomatoes

first green tomatoes 06/07

my tomatoes are coming in nicely. i have about 6 in all so far but they're not yet ripe. too bad, because i leave on saturday for a week-long trip and i'll probably miss them. i would make fried green tomatoes or something but i have so many veggies i'm trying to eat up what i have in my fridge before i pick any more. my neighbors will be watering the little guys and i told them that they can eat any ripe veggies (fruits) while i'm gone. hopefully this won't be the last i see of little green tomatoes popping up.

i know you're all probably tired of reading about the farm. but i like to catalog what i've been doing there for my own record more than because i think anyone else is enthralled with the details. i worked on wednesday for about 6 hours again. i helped again in this week's harvest: green beans (will they ever stop producing!), okra, a few squash, potatoes, sweet onions, and basil. then i helped ben in the afternoon once harvest was completed. i helped make soil blocks so we could plant cucumber seeds. i will head out there tomorrow to put in a few hours as well. i won't be around next week, so i have to get my fill in.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

thanks for the visit

visit to greenville, june 07

my sister's visit went really fast but we had a great time. took a quick trip to greenville on saturday. i thought it might be a nice place to stroll around and eat a bite of lunch. we chilled out in the park for a minute or two. rachel and i thought we could just sit and relax with our feet in the water, which we did only long enough to get comfortable. then we were chased away by some kids with their wet dogs. i did get a chance to cuddle with one before we walked away, only slightly wet.

wet dogs in greenville's park

we also had a great time at the farm day this weekend. some friends joined us for good food, home-played music, and hanging out under the stars.

friends at the farm day

Friday, June 22, 2007

sista' sista'!

my beautiful sister, christmas vacation, cape may, nj

my sister is coming in tonight for a weekend visit. yippee!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

more about the farm

one phone interview yesterday and i worked on the farm again today. i'm getting a little rammy* at home so i'm trying to go up there as often as i can without wearing out my welcome. here's a new blog about the farm, posted by the usc volunteers.

today i helped to harvest green beans and the last of the carrots. also in our shares today are red russian kale, basil (!), and broccoli. and because i'm an extra special person, i got an eggplant. at this point i have so much veggies in my fridge i'm running out of things to do with them. i'm the kind of person who can't throw anything away, even if it will help my compost. so i'm frantically looking up recipes for carrot greens and such. of course, it occurred to me today (duh) that i could freeze some of this stuff, which i guess i'll do, especially once chris is gone (on monday).

after the harvest, i took a lunch break with the farm family and helped ben to rewire a trellis-system for the tomatoes. it started to pour rain, though, and the "system" wasn't really working as planned anyway, so we called it a day and i got home by 1:30.

i plan to head up there again tomorrow. they've got a lot of work they want done before their farm day on saturday, so i offered my services.

*"rammy," for those who don't know, mean fidgety.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

pascal's wager

in honor of the environmental job that i interviewed for this morning, i thought i'd share this video. it's been passed over email so some of you may have already seen this.

Interesting Argument About Global Warming - Watch more free videos

under construction

yesterday i was making some changes to my blog and some of my old posts. those you get this blog through rss feed may have noticed some strangeness or notices that i posted like 12 times or something. sorry about that. i'm done now so all is good.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

live country, not act country

there's a distinction. though, i was telling chris the other day that where i come from, the phrase "being country" or "acting country" doesn't really mean anything. but that's neither here nor there.

yesterday i worked on the farm again. this time chris came along and we joined some volunteers from usc. it wasn't much "farm" work, per sey. i helped uproot spontaneously-growing flowers from the garden and planted them in a bed out by the road. chris helped mulch stray limbs and "junk" around the property. we were with a fun group of people who are trained in permaculture and are really dedicated to living their lives with minimal impact and giving back to the earth. makes me want to work harder to live that way too.

last night chris and i went to see lyle lovett and his large band at the township auditorium. what a fun show! when they say "large band" they really mean large. He had 18 folks up on stage with him: 4 horns, a mandolin, a bass, cello, guitar, violin, steel guitar, 2 drummers, piano, and 4 kick-ass backup singers. what fun. definitely glad we spent the money on that*.

*that was money spent before i left that job, for those who think i'm crazy.

Friday, June 15, 2007

name dropping

in honor of his 1 year blog anniversary, i have put a link to paul's blog in the link section to the right. i guess i knew he had a blog, but i didn't really know he had a blog. but now that the link is attached to my own page, i'll remember to visit his site regularly.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

catholic summer reading

i just finished rereading the 6th in the harry potter series in anticipation of the coming movie and book. (well, in truth, i just finished reading books 1-6.) and in typical waldie's world fashion i'm immediately on the hunt for a new read.

i've dug an old favorite off the shelf, which we aquired somewhat recently from a friends of the library book sale at a rediculously low price. at a future date i may post some ramblings with exerpts from this book of essays because it's really bringing me back to my roots.

but for the long term i think i'm going to try out this summer reading club. now that i've got time on my hands i have been surfing around blogs, including some old and new haunts. knowing that she'll post information on books she's reading, i went to amy welborn's blog yesterday to see if i could find book recommendations. little did i know i'd find a whole book club. so i've requested this book from the library and i'll start making my way through a few on the list. knowing me, i probably won't contribute to any of the conversations online. but i always like lurking in the background and hearing what others have to say. i've put the tag in the toolbar to the right for those who might want to go to the site at a later date.

happy birthday, dad!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

free falling

some of you know this already, but many do not, so i thought i'd just put it out in cyberspace that i am offically unemployed. i won't go into the details here, but be it known that i quit yesterday and am now a free agent for anyone who wants to pay big bucks for my skills. just don't ask me what skills i possess, because i'm not really sure. but, shhhh, don't tell the prospective employers that.

i must say i'm enjoying being at home. this feeling will wear off in a few weeks, i'm sure. but i was so busy at my job before i left that i felt like i'd had my head in the sand for ages. so thus far i'm really enjoying the time i have at home to read blogs, play online, and (this morning) work on the farm.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


to the new barnettes.

sean & cheryl's wedding

it was a fun wedding and i hope they have a fabulous honeymoon this week!

chris and i had a really enjoyable weekend in all. we took a sort of mini vacation, which was much needed. we had a great time visiting with friends, eating out at good restaurants, and just enjoying greenville. we finished the weekend off by attending regular sunday mass at st. mary's (the church in which cheryl and sean were married). it was a long mass (1 hour 40 minutes), but the ceremony was so enjoyable and the homily excellent. i told chris on the ride home that it's too bad furman doesn't have an MSW program, because i'd be all for moving there.

Friday, June 01, 2007

happy day-before-the wedding

to sean and cheryl.


chris and i are headed to greenville in an hour or so to start the festivities for the cendrowski-barnette wedding. should be a weekend o' fun. and how could it not be? i've taken today off work and handed in my keys and cell phone and i'm free for the next 3 days!