Wednesday, May 31, 2006

my boy be's smart, part...whatever

worry not, friends. with a little tooling around on the internet, my hubs "fixed" my palm pilot, or rather figured out how to get it working again.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

blasted technology!

i think technology has a great capacity to really help us humans stay organized, streamline our work and do more with less time. but on the other hand, what i think technology is really doing is that it gives you the illussion of all this. and then when you really need it, it punks out and leaves you in the lurch.

you may remember that chris gave me a palm pilot z22 for my birthday. i love(d) it. it's just 2 months old and today it crapped out. just won't turn on. i called chris to tell him this and he said "oh yea. some of the reviews said this about the device. but all the rest of the reviews were really good." so it's all just a crap-shoot?

well, crap.

Monday, May 29, 2006

3 day weekends rock!

this has been a great weekend!

grnvl bridge

friday night and saturday chris and i went to visit cheryl in greenville, south carolina. sean came over too and we all had a really great time. the picture above is of the suspension bridge which is in reedy river falls park, an awesome park that was in the downtown part of town. i'm sure chris will post some of our pictures so i'll let him do that. but, man, greenville is a happenin' place. we really enjoyed everything about our 18 hour-long visit, but most especially i enjoyed the company.


we got back home to cola in time to rest a minute and then hop in the car to go to the big mo with dogwood and ingrid. no, we did not see the king and i, the prince of egypt or titanic. we saw over the hedge and mission impossible iii. both movies were very enjoyable, as was the entire evening.

yesterday was spent running around picking up gifts and such for our trip to africa and then last night we went out to hear irish music and enjoy the good company of a few more close friends.

today is just chill, chill, chill. except that it's really hot outside so i may just chill, chill, chill in the house where it's cool.

Friday, May 26, 2006


or whatever. i'm just sitting here waiting for my husband to finish translating an email that was written to him in swahili. we're about to leave to go to greenville for the night. ya!

a long weekend and 4 more days of work to go before my big break. yippee! i'm starting to get that mixed nervous/anxious feeling about the trip. one minute i feel like we're totally prepared and then the next i'm certain it's going to be a disaster, which i know it's not. but what i'm really dreading is the plane ride. i keep thinking abou the fact that 2 of the 3 flights (seperately) will last longer than 1 work day. yikes!

ok, i'll stop rambling because chris is ready to go. sean and cheryl, here we come!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the autobiography of malcolm x

i just finished reading this book (as told to alex haley). my friend anthony gave it to me back in april sayng it was his favorite non-fiction book and a "must read" for everyone. took me a while to trudge through it. i think i just wanted him to move on from white-hating and get to the facts of his life. "the white man's the devil;" yea, yea, i get it. but now that i'm finished and have read the thoughts and comments of alex haley himself at the back of the book, i really enjoyed the read and can completely understand anthony's opinion that everyone in america should read it.

if i sit back and think about the image that came to my mind about malcolm x before i read the book, it was of a villain, someone to be afraid of. completely opposite of martin luther king, jr. MLK = good guy. MX = bad guy. why is that? i didn't even know anything about him (sorry, i missed the movie). but that's what society did to him. he started out bigoted and seperatist (justifyably so in my opinion). but he came around to see the larger issues of culture, class and race. now that i've read the book i have a lot more respect for the man. i still don't agree with all he said, but i don't think of him in negative terms anymore. i now see him as a good guy, a martyr.

so, yea, even if you don't agree with me, or my new friend malcolm, read the book.

Monday, May 22, 2006

what am i going to read in africa?

any suggestions anyone?

gotta be:
- easy enough to transport
-but lengthy enough to last 54 hours of transport (at least)
-and not about genocide or ethnic violence (not the place, folks)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

jelly bean!

birthday girl!

Happy Birthday, oh sister of mine! i hope you get to have ice cream and cake today. and perhaps, just perhaps, get 7 bunches of flowers.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

this is my busiest 2 weeks of the semester

or at least that's what i've been saying to almost every person who asks "how's it going?" the state standardized tests start on monday so everyone is crazy, teachers and students alike, and all of my programs come crashing to an end at one time. so i have graduations to run, work parties to facilitate, end of the year reports, all that kind of stuff that i don't mind doing, but not all at once. so tuesday i had the end to my biggest program, FAST. and now that that graduation is over with, i think i can sail through the next few days okay. but i sure can’t wait for it all to be over (for this year).

on the home front things are pretty hectic too. i’ve not even really seen chris for a few days. well, that’s not entirely true because he did come to help out at FAST graduation from 4:30-10:00 PM. he has his homeskillet visiting while he participats in some bike races around the state. the reids set off from MS this afternoon, so I hear, and should arrive sometime tomorrow. then saturday is chris’s big graduation (congrats ol’ boy!) and our shin-dig saturday night. if you didn’t get an invitation, drop me an email and i’ll give you the specifics.

so that’s the 4-1-1. i do have the night “off” tonight so i think i’ll check out the laundromat down the street. being in a new place, I gotta check out the new hotspots.