Thursday, May 04, 2006

this is my busiest 2 weeks of the semester

or at least that's what i've been saying to almost every person who asks "how's it going?" the state standardized tests start on monday so everyone is crazy, teachers and students alike, and all of my programs come crashing to an end at one time. so i have graduations to run, work parties to facilitate, end of the year reports, all that kind of stuff that i don't mind doing, but not all at once. so tuesday i had the end to my biggest program, FAST. and now that that graduation is over with, i think i can sail through the next few days okay. but i sure can’t wait for it all to be over (for this year).

on the home front things are pretty hectic too. i’ve not even really seen chris for a few days. well, that’s not entirely true because he did come to help out at FAST graduation from 4:30-10:00 PM. he has his homeskillet visiting while he participats in some bike races around the state. the reids set off from MS this afternoon, so I hear, and should arrive sometime tomorrow. then saturday is chris’s big graduation (congrats ol’ boy!) and our shin-dig saturday night. if you didn’t get an invitation, drop me an email and i’ll give you the specifics.

so that’s the 4-1-1. i do have the night “off” tonight so i think i’ll check out the laundromat down the street. being in a new place, I gotta check out the new hotspots.

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