Saturday, June 03, 2006

getting down to the wire

well folks, it's getting close. 2 more days until we leave the states. by the way, if you haven't already, you should check out chris's post with our itinerary on it. it will give you more of an idea of what we think our trip will look like.

we're pretty much packed and all ready to go. spent the day doing laundry and packing up. tomorrow we'll do a few things around the house and make adjustments. but otherwise, we'll all set. i think we'll go see x-men to keep us busy for a little while. then, monday morning, at the bright and early time of 10 AM we'll set off for columbia airport with our chauffeur, margaret. (of course, we have a 4 hour lay over in atlanta before we take off out of the country. but it's all good).

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Baldman76 said...

Addendum: we WERE all packed, until Fabian Maganda, my Swahili teacher, called me stressed out and asking if we had any more room in our suitcases. I said we did and he promptly drove over to our place with a pile of more stuff. Now, we had room for it and I got it all packed away, but MAN do we have a lot of stuff to give to people. An aunt in Dar. 5 books for a friend of a former student of Fabian. A WHOLE suitcase packed for Fabians friends and family in Mwanza ( his folks, his 9 siblings, and their children), and now half my carry-on is now DVD's and other gifts to people. I don't mind, as there are many people whom we have never met that are willing to do a lot for us. But still, the airport people are going to think we are crazy, checking three PACKED suitcases and with two FULL carry-ons.

"How long y'all gonna be over there?" they ask.

"Oh, just three weeks," we'll reply.

Silence and funny looks will ensue.