Friday, March 09, 2007

alpine bliss

it cracks me up when a cat behaves so mokey has been slowly clawing her way through various pieces of furniture in our house (our bedframe, a comfy chair). so i decided to try this cosmic catnip alpine scratcher. i was hoping it might distract her away from the people furniture. i opted for the $3 more expensive alpine scratcher because it had a little hole in its base with a mouse-like-thingy hanging in there. sure enough, mokey loved it.


so far she's not really spent much time scratching, but she sure loves the mouse.

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wagsandpurrs said...

Eventually the insert will be pulled out and she will spend her days laying right on top of it. My cats have destroyed more than a few of those scratching thingies because they sure do love them! Also, catnip in a sock - I love to see them rolling all over it and hugging and kissing it, but the other day I found one IN THE LITTER BOX!! At first it startled me, this big brown "thing" in the litter box (oh no, a vet bill!) but then I realized that someone had put it in there, I guess like we have magazines in our bathrooms, a catnip sock was in theirs!!!!!!!