Sunday, April 15, 2007

week 4

4 weeks in and my garden's not looking too bad.

week 4

the colder weather is doing good things for these spring plants. the broccoli is just starting to bud out from the broccoli plants and the spinach is no longer turning yellow. they have a few more weeks to go until they'll be ready for harvest. then i'll plant our summer crops (tomatoes, okra, probably squash)!

also, barbara kinsolver put up a website for the book i was talking about. it's got recipes, info and links to resources about eating and growing locally.

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wagsandpurrs said...

I read another article about eating only locally grown food for a year by someone other than that author. He talked about how it saved his family money, plus they had to eat healthier, so he was going to continue doing it. Pretty interesting stuff. I may try to check into that myself.