Monday, May 05, 2008

the great outdoors

i spent most of the weekend outdoors, which was great.

saturday i finally followed through on my promise to take a small group of my somali kids to pick strawberries. we had a great time, despite the fact that a lot of the strawberries were a little too far gone for my tastes. and a few of the kiddos fell in the mud. oh well, at least they didn't fall onto the plants, which i kept nagging them about.

isnino picking strawberries, may 08
(this was taken before the fall into the mud!)

after the picking, as is now tradition, we went to congaree swamp for a hike. this was short-lived due to some immediate bathroom needs of one child.
ikra and mohammud at congaree, may 08

but we were able to pick up some junior ranger books, which most of them actually enjoyed filling out.

the gang at congaree, may 08

the remainder of the weekend, i spent in our yard. there was much to be done on this front, and are still not done. but we made a nice dent. not only have we not mowed the lawn since we moved in (in october!) but there are a bouquet of ivy trying hard to take over. i found honeysuckle, poison ivy, wisteria, kudzu, and grape vines, just to name a few. my husband cut the grass while i wrangled some of the ivy. (stay tuned for later posts to see if i break out from the poison ivy.) plus i planted zuccinni, cucumber, and barlotti pole beans. here's a picture of our garden now that the grass is low enough to actually see that we have a garden.

our garden, may 08

rutgers heirloom tomaties


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your tomatoes look fabulous! So do the Somali kids -- what a happy looking bunch.


Waldie said...

i have to be honest and tell you that the tomatoes are transplants. but, yea, i'm pleased with their progress so far.