Monday, October 20, 2008

state fair

view from the walk home

on sunday baldman took a surprise (to me) break from his homework (he has 1 exam and 1 paper due this week) and escorted me to the state fair. i LOVE the fair! and i really didn't think i would get there this year. i think i just love all that greasy, deep fried, sugary, salty, goodness in such a small vicinity. though, i can't believe it, but i didn't have a fried candy bar this year. i just felt too junked out at the moment. so we opted for french fries instead (much healthier??).

we just walked around for a few hours. we checked out the artwork, the agriculture, the sand sculpture, the (classic!) people-watching, and seals. yes, seals! we saw some high schoolers showing off their goats (no euphemism there. i mean literal goats.). they were cute (the goats, not the teenagers). though the seals were cuter. i tried to upload a video of a daredevil motorcyclist that we saw, but it didn't work :( so you'll have to imagine it: a guy in a metal circle cage who rode his motorcycle completely upside down and around the inside of the cage with a woman standing in the middle of it, all to the song crazy train. we did manage a few picts on flickr.


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

We saw one of those at the circus, if I'm recalling the same thing you told us to imagine. Mighty impressive!

Anonymous said...

Heck. Wish we'd been there. I love the fair too -- the smell of hay and candy apples. And the people. And the sounds. Fun! Glad Chris took time off to go with you and share some fries.

Love you,