Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter

beautiful clematis

i hope everyone is having a happy and blessed easter. ours was different than originally expected, but it turned out really nice. baldman was not feeling well yesterday so we did not go to the easter vigil like we normally do. he wasn't sure he could make it through the several hours-long mass. so we went this morning.

while in the jam-packed church, we sat next to an african. a guy from burkina faso who we'd never met before. of course, my husband struck up a conversation and ended up inviting him over for lunch. we really enjoyed the visit and it was nice to have someone else to celebrate with. plus, the lunch was awesome (if i do say so myself).

artichoke, leek and potato gratin
green salad with orange, fennel and asparagus
white-eyed peas*
homemade bread
rhubarb pie

baldman and jean-marc

*i bought these peas from a road-side stand in lexington and i think the lady said they were white-eyed peas. but i'm not sure. they're like black-eyed peas, only not. they were really delic!

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Paul Snatchko said...

Happy Easter, Katie and Baldman!