Thursday, October 22, 2009

my brother's famous?

do you remember the littles? you know, the animated kids' show that used to come on saturday morning cartoons and was about, well, little people? well, my brother had a submission to one of the invention segments at the end of an episode. here's how the bro states it:

"Back in 1984, "The Littles" was a Saturday morning cartoon. The end of each episode featured a small craft, sent in by kids. As I was a genius, I submitted an idea, and they used it on the show! I was even paid $1 by ABC for my idea! Sadly, I never saw the episode when it aired. I had a soccer game that morning. We knew it would be on, and even took a small portable TV with us to the game so we could watch. But, it wasn't mean to be. The show was pre-empted by a news broadcast. Recently, The Littles has been released on DVD. Here's the excerpt from the episode in which my idea was used. My name appears at the end."

i swear that my brother told me one time that he stole that idea from an invention book. bu he denies that so perhaps i made that part up. my older brother and older sister often accuse me of making up some of my memories. but i'm not the one who always insists i remember seeing a horse in our neighbor's basement (but that's for another post someday).

anyways, i totally remember the soccer game where we took time to try to watch for my brother's invention at the end of the show. and i remember how disappointed we were when we didn't see it. i always felt like it was such an injustice. so finally, my friends, justice is served:

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