Friday, December 04, 2009

week's end treat

this was a tough week in our household so last night the hubby and i decided to treat ourselves to dinner and a movie. unimaginably we'd lived in columbia for 6 1/2 years and had yet to have dinner together at gervais and vine.* i'd been bugging baldman for a while to go and last night was the night!

of course, it did not disappoint. we enjoyed garlic-parmesan fries with spicy aoioli, marinated manchego cheese with thyme and garlic, ensalada de la fresa balsamico (mixed greens with balsamic strawberries, candied almonds and gorgonzola), and the roman pizza (pesto, goat cheese, roasted red peppers and olives with marinara). my mouth is watering just typing this.

after dinner we retired to our couch to watch rudolph the red nosed reindeer online. i'd not seen that probably since i was in elementary school.

the only unfortunate part about the night was that sometime during the movie my throat started hurting and hasn't let up since. i've turned into a little sicky since last night. but at least we were able to enjoy our treat before this came along.

*in the interest of full disclosure, i had been there one time without the hubby for a slow food meeting. but that was still like 2 years ago!

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St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

It's been close to a year since we've been there. Gotta do something about that. Thanks for the reminder about this great place!