Monday, July 19, 2010

boo hiss to usc

usc announced today that they're shortening the hours at the blatt pe center. they're no longer going to be open on weekends and they're cutting out the morning classes so they can open up later in the morning to save money. so this means that they will no longer be offering the cycle class that i've been attending all summer.

i'm so, so bummed about this. this is the first time i've exercised consistently in i don't know how long. i was just starting to feel really good and more in-shape! urgh!

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discipleassisi said...

If you want to get up and "workout together" let me know :) My mom and I did this for short periods of time when I was in college. We knew we were getting up at the same time, and then we'd call each other after our workouts to check in on how it went... it'd be awesome to do this with you! twice a week? xo!
Added incentive for me - I tend to cease all exercise after the event I'm training for. A workout buddy is a big motivator for me!