Friday, October 15, 2010

hello from the south carolina fair

is it bad to eat a pizza, a big bowl of french fries, and an elephant ear for dinner?


Erica said...

Heck no it's not bad!
In fact, it is AWESOME!
Wish we were there with you! Xoxo

Firework Baby said...

Only thing that would have made that dinner better would have been a fried snickers.

Waldie said...

yea, it was a tough decision. i opted for the elephant ear instead of the fried snickers because i felt like the chocolate would've put me over. in retrospect, i'm sure it would've made no difference.

Heather said...

At states fairs, isn't that basically the required menu? It is certainly closer to a real meal than I ate at the NY Sheep & Wool Festival today (which consisted of 2 hot dogs & and an apple cider doughnut.) I am kind of sad I didn't experiment with the deep fried whole roasted garlic cloves.