Friday, November 12, 2010

the frustrations continue

the hubby got a call last night around 7:45 from dss saying that they had a 2 month old baby needing placement and asking would we take the kid for the night or the weekend. he said yes but asked them to call me to work out the details because he was at a work event. a few minutes later i got a call from dss asking the same question. so i said yes, we would take the child. so the guy said that i would be getting a call from the caseworker to work out the details. i ran home and cleaned off the cat hair from the various surfaces in the kid's room, cleaned the bottles, checked the formula, laid out some clothes. and then i waited. and waited. and waited for that damned caseworker to call. after 1 1/2 hours i tried to call the guy back but his number apparently can't be return-called. long story short, we didn't get a single call back. not a word saying that they found another home. nothing.

i am just so pissed at them for the inconsideration and the lack of professionalism. i can't even express it fully here. i did try to call him back again this morning and couldn't get through. i also tried my caseworker and she wasn't available. i think i'm going to call the foster care association. if nothing else they can confirm that this is how the process goes and that everyone is treated this way. slim comfort, but at least i'd know it wasn't just me.

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Ben Waldie said...

Freaking. Bastards.