Tuesday, December 28, 2010

home sweet home

we are finally home tonight after 14 1/2 hours of driving from new jersey. we had an extended stay at my parent's house because of the christmas blizzard. 18 inches of snow and a state of emergency, so we stayed an extra day and a half. we enjoyed the bonus time with family but my other set of parents were flying into columbia for a visit while we were still up in nj. so they were here a day without us, which was a shame.

the roads were still a bit icy up north when we left this morning, but we navigated fine. we did, however, get a flat tire when we were in delaware. they found a key (?!) and a nail in it, so a replacement was needed. but the people at the tire place were really nice. and they had free coffee and otis spunkmeyer cookies.

the snowy roads plus the hour-long tire fix made it an extra long drive. needless to say we're happy to be home, no matter how nice our visit was. (sorry, mom!) the kitties are happy to have us home too. they chose to cuddle with us instead of play outside (and that's saying much).

here's a really bad picture of me with a happy mokey purring away on my lap. (and a glass of wine:)

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Anonymous said...

No offense taken, Katie. I'm glad you're home too, but we really loved having you here.