Wednesday, May 16, 2012

File Under: Strange Things In my Life in Africa 2, Points 1 through 5

Point 1: Yesterday I waited out a storm for an hour in a foam cushion shop after purchasing 12 cushions that we later discovered were too big for our couches. This, despite the fact that we fact-checked the dimensions with the couch builder to verify that they'd work. So now we've got the choice to look for new cushions or cut them to fit. To which, we then have to notify the guy who's sewing the covers so he can adjust accordingly.

Point 2: While waiting in the cushion shop for the rain to stop I told my Regional Coordinator about some stomach issues I'd been having and we think I have amoeba.

Point 3: On my way to work today I discovered I have a rash on my wrists and fingers.

Point 4: On my way to work today the dalladalla (public mini-bus) I was riding was delayed due to excess bananas that fell out of the cargo space in the back and spilled out into the traffic behind us.

Point 5: I got to work, purposely bringing my internet modem so I could do research, only to discover that it doesn't work on any computer in the office. So I turned around and went home to do the research there instead.

1 comment:

St. Izzy said...

So the amoeba in 2 are clearly responsible for both the rash in 3 and the measurement mis-rememberings in 1. The bananas in 4 sensed this and were trying to leap to safety, but it was too late for the modem in 5, which was clearly infected with a computer vir.... computer amoeba.

I'm just sayin.