Saturday, October 06, 2012

Yard Project Weekend

Day 1 down of our weekend to get the garden closer actual garden. I'm pretty pleased with our progress.

We bought a car-load full of flowers. 19 flowers in all, including 2 hydrangea (which are Chris and my wedding plant) and a beautiful hibiscus, and it was around $30 US dollars. Most plants were less than a $1.50 each.

19 plants for less than $30USD, not too bad!


Our first plants purchased.

I dug out the mounds for where our veggies will go and soon these little guys will go in the ground.

These plants will soon be in the ground!
Basil, sage, zucchini, squash, shasta daisy ready to go in the ground.

These aren't burial mounds. Soon it will be our garden.
It kinda looks like we've got a bunch of dead bodies buried in the back. Maybe it'll deter any thieves that try to come in the yard again. (I doubt it.)

In other yard news, Chris got the clothesline up and running today. We had this built and then he put it in the ground earlier in the week. It's wiggled a little bit, which caused the lines to droop, but we'll fix that. This makes life so much easier because we were drying laundry in our garage and it took several days to dry and everything would smell moldy and musty afterwards.

The clothesline that my handy hubby did for me.
Yes, those are my underwear. I'm just putting it all out there for you guys. That's how devote I am to giving the real scoop about life in Africa.

In non-garden news: You can never predict how a day is going to go here in Tanzania. And one of our most regular (unpleasant) surprises revolve around constant water issues. Our water is constantly having periodic outages. On 3 separate occasions we have had busts in the main pipe leading to the house, all of which Chris has skillfully fixed.* And the faucets in the house constantly need to have the washer replaced because they just leak all the time. Today we couldn't get our kitchen sink to turn off. Thanks to the assistance of our neighbor, a fellow MKLMer, we got a new faucet which is really fancy (for here). I'm stoked!

So thankful for my new faucet! It's the liitle things that make me happy (or drive me crazy here-as in, a constantly running faucet!).

Let's see if we can keep this trajectory up and have some of our plants actually in the ground by the end of the day tomorrow.

*Do you see a theme emerging of how skillful my husband is becoming?

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Anonymous said...

Y'all are really sprucing things up. You getting company? Can't wait to see all your flowers, etc! The hibiscus is gorgeous!