Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas from Zambia

I've been putting some shots up on Facebook, but for those not on there, here are a few shots from the past few days' Christmas trip to Zambia. 

The train ride from Dar Es Salaam to Lusaka was long and tiring, but we saw nice scenery and met some cool internationals. 

We were so surprised at how developed the country is. Check out this mall with a band playing Christmas music!

We made it to Livingstone and saw The Falls on Christmas Day. We were totally awed!

Yesterday, Boxing Day, we had a nice morning river safari, fully equipped with an early AM beer. Why not, it's vacation?

Last night we met up with our Danish train friends for a delicious Indian meal. 

And today we took an early early HOT HOT hike and saw this white rhino up close. Worth the early wake up and blazing heat. 

Tomorrow we head back up to the capital city of Lusaka and will probably just chill and take in another movie or 2 before we fly home to TZ on Monday. 

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