Sunday, April 20, 2014

Two Weeks of Workshops

The past two weeks of Lulu have been quite exciting. Last week all of the Lulu participants in all 5 of the groups around town had the opportunity to study different hand craft skills. We offered crocheting workshops, workshops on making gift cards, on sewing different stuffed animals, and on making rosaries. The girls were able to chose which of the handcrafts they wanted to learn and then they traveled to another group for the class. This offered the participants the opportunity to learn about other Lulu groups and to meet girls from another area of town. I had a great time hosting new girls at the Mabatini workshops and loved just sitting with them as they quietly worked away.

A participant from our Mabatini group learns how to sew animals out of fabric.

Sikudhani, the teacher, is showing off the "mifano" or examples that the girls are learning to sew, a ball and a lizard.

This past week the regular Lulu participants had the week off for holiday, but the facilitators and we coordinators were busy with facilitator workshops. All week long we had sessions to help the peer educators develop new facilitation skills, learn new topics, and increase their skills to be better at their jobs as Lulu facilitators.

Listening intently. Photo by Corine 't Hart.

On Monday I had the opportunity to facilitate a 90-minute session on healthy relationships and domestic violence. Did I mention it was in Swahili!? It my first time presenting this topic in Swahili so it was a challenge. But all-in-all I thought it went well and I was really proud of myself.

Facilitating my workshop. Photo by Corine 't Hart.

Facilitating my workshop. Photo by Corine 't Hart.

All week long, it was so wonderful to see the girls laughing and enjoying each others' company, asking insightful questions, challenging each other and the facilitators, and expanding their minds and world-views. It makes me so happy to be here and so honored to play even a small part of facilitating this change in them.

Our whole crew for the week. Photo by Corine t' Hart.

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