Sunday, November 02, 2014

Smokey (2007ish - 2014)

We got our puppy, Smokey, in 2012 right when we first moved to Mwanza. She was already a few years old by then so I'm not exactly sure when she was born. She's my first-ever dog (outside of my family growing up) and I'd been waiting for her for many, many years. She was my buddy and loved to spend time with me.

Even though she was supposed to be a "guard" dog, living outside and guarding the house, she's been an important part of the family and has been with us through all the ups and downs of the past few years in Tanzania. She was poisoned back in 2012 when we were robbed and survived it like a champ.

Unfortunately, she got sick a few months ago; we thought it was a cold because of the change in weather. It ended up being worms that aren't treatable.

Smokey loved to dig holes in the ground (much to the annoyance of her parents). She was a true African dog and loved to lay in the full heat of the midday sun. Sometimes I thought she was dead because she'd lay there so still for so long. She knew exactly what to do with a cat when it snuck into the yard, but she had no clue what to do with bones that we gave her as a treat. Even though she was the sweetest thing, she did have a forked tongue so maybe she had a little evil in her after all.

I'm gonna miss my little buddy very much. It just won't be the same at home without seeing your smiling face.

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