Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Things I'm Gonna Miss

This was happening in our yard on Saturday while we were moving out of the house. 

I'm sure going to miss their little faces. 

Also, speaking of things I'll miss. Sadly, we've experienced the death of another dog. (That's three in three years, plus a cat. Man, this place is harsh.) Nyeusi, our sweet puppy (she was maybe 3 years old) died on Monday. We are so sad that she left us so early and that she won't be free to roam the neighborhood with her pal Taquilla as we had originally planned. 

This was taken on Saturday while the kids played. Neyusi loved the neighborhood kids. 

She loved attention and would flop on her back to have her belly rubbed at any opportunity. 

We're gonna miss you, buddy. 

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