Sunday, May 22, 2005

i weep

poison ivy
poison ivy,
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i have been weepy all weekend. not weepy as in crying weepy, of course. weepy as in wounds constantly dripping yellowish substance. i couldn't resist passing along this lovely snapshot. i know, it's gross. but hey, if i have to live with it, i must share!

when looking at this picture please keep in mind that this is just one section of my legs and the poison ivy is spread from my thighs to my ankles and from my wrists to my elbows. no matter how bad this is though, at least it's not on my face and in my elbow and leg pits, because that really sucks!

but anyways, it's running its course fairly quickly with the help of several oatmeal baths daily and regular applications of calamine, hydrocortisone and ivarest. i'm hoping that the weepiness will stop tonight and it'll really start to dry out tomorrow.


Fuzzy said...

My dad has a beard because when he was 30 he got poison ivy on his face and couldn't shave for months. He decided he liked the beard he had grown and has had one every since.

Waldie said...

yeah, i'm running into the same problem. i haven't been able to shave my legs for a week now and it's definitely contributing to the grossness factor.

discipleassisi said...

you have the most incredible way with words... it's like i'm wallowing in the "constantly dripping yellowish substance" as i read.

discipleassisi said...

also, i hope you feel better!