Monday, May 30, 2005


hey y'all! we have a kickball league in columbia! did anybody know this?

the other day a good friend of mine and i were discussing exercizing, and how we hate it. well, let me be clear, we were discussing how we hate the gym, not exercizing per se. and we started brainstorming ways to get better exercize without going to the gym. (this discussion took place while getting our exercize for the day working at an organic farm .) we talked about sports leagues and such, taking walks, all that sort of normal stuff.

so after a little clickaroo on the ol' web and finding zippo in the way of fun, interesting sports leagues, i had an idea. another friend of mine is a member of a kickball league in chicago and he always posts these fun pictures and they look like they have a great time. (plus his team, james brown celebrity hot tub party, is 4-0 this season!) so i started wondering, hey how could i start a kickball league in columbia? and whatd'ya know? columbia already HAS a kickball league! yet another reason why i love it here!

anybody wanna join?

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