Monday, November 21, 2005

test failure

i tried to send myself a blog posting using my email address from work this morning. but, because you do not see the post here you know it failed. oh well. but i know why! i had the wrong address. duh.

in any event, the post was pretty much this.
i'd be crabby because it's a monday, it's rainy and i'm note feeling too hot. but it's a 2 day work week (now with 1 day down), our heat (finally!) kicked on last night, and i went to bed at 9:30. so i actually don't feel so bad today!


Ben Waldie said...

Yes, only one more day, and then a few days of relaxation. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Debbie Downer,
Cheer up! Have a good Tofurkey Day and hope you feel better!-Kaiser