Thursday, June 14, 2007

catholic summer reading

i just finished rereading the 6th in the harry potter series in anticipation of the coming movie and book. (well, in truth, i just finished reading books 1-6.) and in typical waldie's world fashion i'm immediately on the hunt for a new read.

i've dug an old favorite off the shelf, which we aquired somewhat recently from a friends of the library book sale at a rediculously low price. at a future date i may post some ramblings with exerpts from this book of essays because it's really bringing me back to my roots.

but for the long term i think i'm going to try out this summer reading club. now that i've got time on my hands i have been surfing around blogs, including some old and new haunts. knowing that she'll post information on books she's reading, i went to amy welborn's blog yesterday to see if i could find book recommendations. little did i know i'd find a whole book club. so i've requested this book from the library and i'll start making my way through a few on the list. knowing me, i probably won't contribute to any of the conversations online. but i always like lurking in the background and hearing what others have to say. i've put the tag in the toolbar to the right for those who might want to go to the site at a later date.


pritcher said...

This looks cool. I've got my summer reading list all set, but I might need to rethink it now.

Waldie's World said...

please share if you have any books lined up that you think i might like.