Tuesday, June 12, 2007

free falling

some of you know this already, but many do not, so i thought i'd just put it out in cyberspace that i am offically unemployed. i won't go into the details here, but be it known that i quit yesterday and am now a free agent for anyone who wants to pay big bucks for my skills. just don't ask me what skills i possess, because i'm not really sure. but, shhhh, don't tell the prospective employers that.

i must say i'm enjoying being at home. this feeling will wear off in a few weeks, i'm sure. but i was so busy at my job before i left that i felt like i'd had my head in the sand for ages. so thus far i'm really enjoying the time i have at home to read blogs, play online, and (this morning) work on the farm.


Dogwood Dell said...

OK - So I missed this post and Mrs. Dell did say something, but it may have been when I was zoned reading a book.

Best of luck getting that job on the farm! (Grin).

Waldie said...

that's fine, dogwood. you've got enough going on in your own life to remember the minutiae of mine.