Tuesday, December 18, 2007

busy work

i am on the phone with the tracfone company right now. my phone stopped working the other day* so i am trying to see if i can get a replacement. i was almost through with one very nice operator and i was just thinking "wow that was easy." and then we got cut off. so now i've had to go through it again.

"plug your phone in....does it work now?"


"take your battery out and put it back in....now does it work?"



*i haven't told them that it doesn't work because i spilt water in my bag and it got all wet. oopsy!


Ben Waldie said...

I love how you got "cut off" with the phone company. This BS happens to me all the time. They're freakin' PHONE companies. You'd think they could find ways to make sure their customers phone calls don't get cut off. Jeez!

Theresa said...

As someone who just went through a wet phone incident -- letting it dry out for a few days (battery out) actually seems to have fixed it. Also sticking it in with some of those silica packets you get with shoes was reccomended to me. Good luck with making your call though.