Friday, December 21, 2007

no more eggs at mepkin

most of you might've already heard this. i'm a little slower to blog than most. but i heard this morning on the radio and then read in the paper that mepkin abbey will no longer be producing and selling eggs. apparently peta had been pressuring them for some time and the monks felt like it was interrupting their ability to to live a peaceful and contemplative life. that's a shame because i really believe in locally produced food, and it was the main source of income for the monks. i'm no animal hater (i am a vegetarian, remember. as are the monks, i think.) but come on.

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Paul said...

Were they treating the chickens OK?

Seems like instead of closing down the whole operation, they just should have demonstrated how to conduct that type of business in a Godly way.

Have a blessed Christmas, Katie and family!