Wednesday, December 03, 2008

waldie's quiz answered

thanks, all, who took part in the waldie's quiz. i didn't expect to get such analytical answers!

so you're all right, even fuzzy (sort of) who said e) dubloons! over the past 14 months we have found any number of (un)amazing things buried (or not buried) in our back yard. we have found lots of small and large pieces of glass, a whole paint can, whole and pieces of cinder blocks and bricks, a rug that was about 3'x15' (buried and covered with dirt and grass), pennies (almost a spanish dubloon), rusted tools, etc.

so we feel fairly certain that before we arrived our house was solidly in the white trash realm. well, maybe we haven't really helped it too much on that front, but at least we're getting rid of the actual trash in the yard.

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