Thursday, January 22, 2009

catching up with a few things

there's been a lot going on and nothing going on. and the longer i wait to write, the harder it is to think of what to write. but here are a few things that have been happening lately.

a few weeks ago mokey got into the catnip....

mokey drunk on catnip


mokey drunk on catnip
she was so in trouble. and so drunk.

we almost got this little cutie.

but it turns out he's a really sick baby and we just couldn't take on that responsibility. but he's in a good home and will be well cared for.

i went to visit family in south georgia on monday. and i brought some friends. below are some picture highlights. you can find the rest here.

grandad and the boys feeding fish

grandmom, joanna and g.g at the pond

joanna and the boys walking back from the pond

it snowed in columbia on tuesday! and we got a new president! what?! the snow was documented here by steliz. the new president was documented everywhere else.

i was in charleston this week for a training and got so much information my head is going to explode. but our efforts were rewarded today because we got thai food here and dessert here. i even brought dessert home to my husband. aren't i a nice wife?*

*though, it was my bosses suggestion to bring back treats for the spouses, so i can't take all the credit for all of it.


Anonymous said...


Great photos on your blog. I really like the ones of you all at G'ma and G'dad's, and the ones of the snow are pretty funny. Guess I should have taken some pictures of the bad weather here so you could compare... and the kids here still had school! I think there's more snow to come, or at least more frigid weather, so maybe next time....

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Those are good cupcakes! I had one when we were down there for a wedding last fall!

Mrs. Dell

Waldie said...

oh yea, they were good!

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Glad you saw the snow pics. I drove to work aware of the grave peril.... and was so happy to have meetings cancelled.