Sunday, January 04, 2009

waldie crafts

a few months back i found out that my good friend and (during- and post-) college roommate is pregnant with her first child. i wanted to make something for her and her baby as a christmas gift and i found these instructions online for making a mei tai baby carrier. it was fairly easy to make (even if you're a dummy on the sewing machine, like i am) and i think it came out really well, if i do say so myself. i gave my friend the carrier when we saw her at the wedding in dc so now i can advertise what it looked like.

mei tai baby carrier i made

it has a changeable pattern in the middle, which i thought would be important so my friend can match her child while they're out shopping (that's a joke, really). i think i gave her like 4 different patters to switch in and out.

here's a really beautiful model and her doll baby/pillow trying out the carrier.

me and my doll/pillow modelingfront

the backback


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the instructional photos :) and for giving me such a cool gift!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! You did a great job!

Love you,