Saturday, March 28, 2009

it's almost bee time!

the bees arrive this tuesday! i'm so psyched! today was my last bee class and i got the opportunity to look into a couple of hives and handle the bees. it was so interesting! in just that one time i got to see several baby bees hatching their way out of their cell. i also saw hive beetles, identified the queen, and saw the difference between cells that have brood, workers, nectar and a queen. i took pictures with my phone but i don't really have a way to get the pictures off the phone; so you'll only see them if you see me and ask to show you. hopefully i'll take pictures of my own hive once i get it started.

i also got most* of equipment today. but there was a little mix-up with the order. i wanted to have the pieces already assembled for me since i didn't really know what i was doing. but that message was not completely understood and i ended up getting 2 boxes full of wooden parts and 6 bags of various sizes of nails. what i thought was going to be a disaster ended up turning out pretty well. through the course of the afternoon i managed to assemble almost everything. hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow so i can paint the supers.

wooden parts to the super and frames

parts and pieces to super and frames

partially put together supers and frames

waldie putting together bee box frames

*in the shuffle to get everyone their equipment, the wax foundation for most of my hive went missing. i'm really hoping they can find it otherwise i'm in a heap of trouble!

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Erica said...

Hap-Bee early Bee-day.

Sorry. These bees are making me really cheesy and punny. How annoying!