Friday, May 14, 2010

big moves in v'burg

the hubby has been out of town all week helping his mom move. it's been a difficult week for the whole family. but i am so proud of the work that he and his sister and brother-in-law have put in. they have successfully moved his mom from a 3 story, 2,000+ square foot home into a tiny, one bedroom apartment. they've gotten everything out of the home and it's now all but completely empty. (animals included!) what a large accomplishment!

when they started the week no one thought that they'd be able to get everything done. we just thought they'd get as far as they could and at least have his mom living in her new place. but by monday night her stuff was in the apartment and she was spending the night there. the rest of the week they spent selling, donating and purging. it's been so difficult for them, but i am just so amazed and proud of the work that they've done.

and big thanks go out to all the family and friends who pitched in and helped. it certainly wouldn't have happened if they didn't have all those hands helping!

now, if you know anyone who wants to get a steal on a cute 3 story, 2,000+ square foot house, i know where you can buy one!


Firework Baby said...

Congrats! and big ups!

Marian Love Phillips said...

Bob and I are going to miss her! We know she is in a better place in her new apartment and she is happy now. That is what counts the most. In fact, she came by today to visit us again. She misses Allie her cat but Allie is growing on us. It will take awhile for her to get to know us. Got to wave at Chris as he was leaving National Street on his trip back home. I do hope we get good neighbors like Trish. You and Chris take care.