Tuesday, May 18, 2010

garden progress

i've been doing a lot of work in the garden over the past weeks and weeks and weeks, not that you can really tell to look at it. it's been so much work and there's always more to be done. i mean, what did i expect when i bought all those seeds?

but i finally got around to taking some pictures of the progress thus far. check it out:

tomato garden
tomatoes. i had to cover them up because our rotten cats kept rubbing up against them and killing them.

next to the driveway
either squash or cucumber. i can't remember which ones! hopefully we'll soon find out.

bee garden
when i dug up the grass for the garden i put it on the other side of the house hoping to get some growth. it looks awful but maybe someday it'll spread?? by the way, i've got some shots of the bees that i'll post at a later date.

the side garden
shot of the whole side garden(s).

a front view of the side yard
onions, garlic, herbs and teeny tiny eggplant and green peppers in the back.

side garden
another view of that shot while mokey looks on.

back side
the patsy's beans are doing pretty well in the back yard.

back garden
corn and louisianna purple pod peas and king corn are growing a little slow because of lack of sun.

back garden
the intent is for the peas to wrap themselves around the corn but the corn is so small it's not really being effective.

by the way, all these pictures were taken before the big rains this week. so everything's grown quite a bit this week! and this afternoon i planted some more okra because the first batch didn't really take too well. and i also planted some insectiary mix next to the garlic. more to come as well...


Dogwood Dell said...

Looking good!

Ann Flowers said...

It was a nice garden tour, I enjoyed it very much.