Sunday, September 26, 2010

catching up on pictures

i've been very behind in putting pictures up online. so i've finally caught up and have some shots of our recent weekend trips.

earlier in the month we went to charlotte to visit friends. they took us to the carolina raptor center, where they both volunteer. it was a pretty cool place and we got to see some neat birds.

red tailed hawk

it was a nature-filled weekend because adam and sarah found a nest of baby rabbits right outside their house in their front yard. they were so tiny and very cute (in a hairless squiggly sort of way)!

the baby rabits outside a & s's house

see all the pictures from the charlotte trip here.

a few weekends ago we also took a trip to devil's fork state park in pickens county. we camped just the two of us on friday and saturday night and on saturday morning we met up with 2 other couples for a boating trip on lake jocassee. it was a very rainy weekend, but despite the weather we had a great time! plus we rescued a troop of boy scouts. it was our good deed of the day.

our home at devil's fork state park
our camp site (which we accidentally stole from another couple. but it all worked out in the end.)

the boy scouts climb aboard
rescuing the boy scouts

our friends are delivered safely to their rondevu point
dropping them off at their rendezvous point.

the ship's crew
our fair crew.

all pictures from the camping weekend are here.

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