Sunday, September 19, 2010

the weigh-in

well, ben was closest in his guess of how much honey we would get this go-round. he guessed 35 pounds and we got 40! you'll win the prize of a jar of honey. (but you may have to wait until i see you again. sorry!)

but, yes, we got 40 more pounds of honey! and it's so cool because it is so much darker than the first batch and tastes a good bit different. i think it has a "spicier" flavor. the hubby thinks it's less sweet. but either way, totally yummy.

this picture doesn't really do it justice. but you can get an idea of how much darker it is. the bigger jar is the first batch of honey and the small jar is the second.

our honey!


Ben Waldie said...

I like my honey both light and dark. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! And fun! Did Chris get to go this time?

joanna said...

i am so impressed!