Thursday, January 20, 2011

class 1 = success

tuesday was a marathon day. i was out of the house by 6:45 a.m. so i could exercise before work. as tough as it was to get up, i think that was a wise decision because it gave me energy to last until my class at night.

and, if i do say so myself, i think i rocked the house. it was totally cool. the students were well-engaged. they were talky but not too chatty. i really enjoyed it. and i think they did too. well, no one has dropped the course since that first class. so i think that's a good sign.

i even had a student speak with me after class about helping him choose a topic for the big paper. that means, perhaps, that he's taking the assignment seriously. maybe? i hope, at least.

and, yes, it was way cool when one of the students called me "professor."

*blush* :)


Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!! I hope it continues to go well. I had my first class Wednesday. I was so nervous, and I am glad the first day is over!! I KNEW you would teach sometime!!! I am sure you were fab!


Erica said...

NICE WORK KATIE!! I am so proud of you!!