Friday, January 14, 2011

update on my course

the course that i'm scheduled to teach was supposed to begin this past tuesday. but, as you may recall, we had another freak course of snow, so the class was canceled (as was 2 days of work!).

i was actually relieved that it was canceled because up until later this week i was still skeptical that it was going to happen. i originally had 4 people registered, and the university requires courses to have at least 6, otherwise they cancel the course. so i was sort of waiting around and not planning much because i felt certain it was going to be canceled. but then, someone dropped the course and i was down to only 3 people. then i definitely thought the course was going to be canceled and i didn't do a single bit of planning.

but then i was told by "those that be" that under no circumstances was this course going to be canceled. this works a-ok for me because i get paid the same amount no matter what! fools!

and, in the meantime, i had one more person register today! so now i'm back up to 4, which i think is better. so now i need to get planning!

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, let's chat. I think we are teaching the same course. Should be fun! I can send you our syllabus (although I basically started from what the other section has done for years). Our book is poo. Very surface level. Anywho, good luck!