Monday, February 07, 2011

ny weekend

did i mention that we made a trip to new york a few weekends ago? we managed to squeeze a visit in when it wasn't a torrential downpour of snow and/or ice. of course, the snow was already on the ground, so it was a winter wonderland. but we got in a visit with family and friends, which was great. and, despite our flight home being canceled, we managed to escape the northeast before the crazy ice came down.

i have a whole set of pictures on flickr, but here are some highlights:

we stayed on long island with melissa, tim, and ann so there was plenty of time to play and hang out.

ann's quite busy, but she sure is a cutie!
being busy

i can't remember a time when there's been this much snow on the ground!

who are these toys for anyway?

we got in a nice visit with americorps friend, elizabeth and her fiance, dan. we hadn't seen them since our wedding almost 8 years ago.
dan, elizabeth and me

and, we got to hang out for an evening with the nyu crew. theresa even was able to make it in from massachusetts.

hanging out with friends

the bald husband side of the room
the boys

we had a great time (though i'm getting old because it took me like 3 days to recover from being out late)
hanging out at emily's apt

paulie and eric
paul and eric

the whole crew (minus my sister who had to take the picture because we couldn't figure out how to work the timer)
hanging out w/ nyu friends at emily and kevin's apartment

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