Monday, May 16, 2011

family weekend1

may has been a month full of family visits. the first weekend in may my sister and my stepdad came to stay. this past weekend the hubby and i were in north carolina for a cousin's wedding and in a few weeks we'll go to chicago to visit the hubby's sister.

so here are some shots from the first of those family visits:

is this the life or what!?
hanging out in the back yard and soaking up the sun.

strawberry picking at cottle farms
taking advantage of the seasonal produce.

walking back after finished picking

sitting on a bench near the battery
taking a rest on our visit to charleston

cemetary in charleston

rough guys
charleston hasn't ridden itself of riff-raff. you gotta watch out for guys like these on the streets in town.

Rosewood Dairy Bar!
what visit to town would be complete without a little rosewood diary bar (sorry, mom!)

rachel's homemade bday cake
my sister celebrated her 22nd birthday, so we threw her a little party on their last night in town

all of the pictures that i took can be seen at my flickr page.

thanks for coming down, guys! we had a great time and enjoyed having you!

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