Wednesday, May 18, 2011

up for grabs

would anyone be interested in making homemade soap? i have equipment that i want to get rid of. since i make my soaps out of lye the equipment should be used cautiously and i'm afraid that if i donate the items people will use it for food, which would not be recommended.

if you're interested, post a comment below or send me an email and we can discuss.


Anonymous said...

what's included in it?
i like making soaps too, but I have never done it with lye.


Waldie said...

Making soap with lye is like a science experiment. And it's an exact and sort of dangerous hobby. You have to use equipment that won't corrode and have protective equipment so you don't burn yourself.

So the box i have is pretty large and it's got a bunch of stuff in it. It's got a big ceramic soup bowl with a ladle that I use to mix the ingredients. And then there's a digital spice scale because you have to be precise on your measurements. There's a silicone muffin tin that I used as molds. A bunch of measuring cups, a sugar thermometer.